As pet lovers and good pet parents, it's vital for us to have information, resources, and products that serve the highest good of our fur children regardless of venue, opinion, or established process. We can't always rely on the same ol', same ol' to help us do what's right for our pets. We need safe, effective, healthy, and compassionate options.

Prevention is often the best approach to circumventing health issues with our fur and non-fur family members. Sometimes we need to try a variety of approaches. I'm not a veterinarian and don't endorse, diagnose, or sway others toward any particular product or approach. My resources are not a replacement for quality veterinary care. Know that the information I provide on resources is done so without any endorsement, payment, exchanges of any kind, or vetting. I merely provide the information; it's up to you to do the legwork and decide what works best for your pet and situation.

Resource list

We need the freedom to research, learn, try, and choose what makes sense for our families. For example, what's a great type of organic food for my pet? What holistic vets are available in my area? Are there natural remedies I can work with my vet to try? How can I make my pet safe, healthy, and happy without chemicals? These are legitimate concerns and questions. Reach out if you're interested in getting the resource list. As always, I wish you and your beautiful fur babies the very best life possible.

Essential oils wellness classes

Learn about the power of the best and purest essential oils on earth (Young Living) for addressing wellness concerns and needs (inflammation, pain, viral, bacterial, fungal, and immunity) for every part of the body (regardless of the body). External link opens in new tab or windowGrab a class!