Monthly essential oil classes for you and your pets

Learn about the power of the best and purest essential oils on earth (Young Living) for addressing wellness concerns and needs (inflammation, pain, viral, bacterial, fungal, and immunity) for every part of the body (regardless of the body). Liz has been an essential oil wellness consultant since 2005. Her Zoom classes are held on Tuesdays (4 or 6 pm Pacific) and last an hour. The following describe just some of the available wellness classes. Reach out for a schedule of upcoming classes.

Dirty-30: The 30 worst toxins in our personal- and home-care products and what to use instead.

We’re truly on chemical overload in the US. People are being poisoned daily and hardly anyone talks about it. Doctors certainly don’t. Chemical exposure comes from the air we breathe, foods we eat, and products we buy. This class identifies the 30 worst toxins found in our products in the US. We explore what these substances do to the human body and the clean, effective alternatives to use for better immunity and wellness.

Getting gutsy. 

Gut health has become a widely studied subject recently. The medical community now understands that poor gut health is one of the biggest problems that modern man faces. There’s an irrefutable link between gut health and many physical problems, from obesity to mental illness, pain, skin problems, disease, and inflammation. We learn about essential oils and lifestyle changes that help support healthy gut biome and how to return the body to balance.

Hormones got ya hatin'?


So many factors influence our hormones and overall wellness, such as our age, diet, stress, fitness level, hydration, exposure to toxins, family history, and so on. But, we’ve discovered that exposure to household and personal-care chemicals is a leading cause of endocrine and reproductive harm. Nature, however, is astounding. There are hundreds of essential oils that literally help every system of the body and support our hormone function.

Help your smeller: Smell training with essential oils.

During the pandemic, many people lost their sense of smell. This sense is so important to being human. It's vital to enjoyment of food, self-protection, and even mental health. The average human has around 5 million smell receptors. Viruses can attack our smell receptors. The loss can even become permanent if not addressed right away. But, smell training with essential oils is a very quick, safe, and effective way to support and enhance olfactory function.

Pets feeling peckish?

The relationship between mankind and animals goes back to the very beginning of time, as does the relationship between animals and the plant kingdom. Many animal-care professionals (some even in our direct oily family) are now rediscovering what folks already knew in past centuries. Pure plant extracts are helpful to the body systems and can help with a wide variety of issues.

Seven signs of stress.

Studies have shown that chronic stress is one of the biggest health problems plaguing humankind. Prolonged stress causes an inflammation response in the body and a wide variety of physiological, emotional, and even mental problems for people. We learn about the essential oils and lifestyle changes that most help with stress reduction and how to return the nervous system and other body systems to balance.