It's such a blessing that so many pet parents have taken the time to share their honest, heartfelt thoughts and feelings about my connection with their beloved fur children. My clients have been so generous with their feedback and I'm eternally grateful to them.

"Liz Casey is an amazing animal communicator. Her compassion, insight, and ability to communicate with animals is unbelievable! She recently had a reading with my cat, Lance, who passed away last year at 16 years old. After hearing about her reading with Lance, it’s very clear that she had a Lance B. kitty very deep connection with Lance. Her insights on his personality, his favorite things to do, his relationship with our other cats, some of his behaviors (tapping us with his paw on our shoulder/face), and his health issues were spot on. What really blew me away was Liz’s insights on Lance’s bond and special connection with me and my husband. Specifically, Lance let her know that he bonded with my husband because they were both very emotional, sensitive, and deep-feelers. She also shared that Lance knew I was a strong person, and that I needed him more at times since I had to be strong all the time. This floored me so much I burst into tears! Liz is such a natural with connecting with animals, and really cares about them and their healing (and their human’s healing). She truly has a gift! Thank you my Angel, Liz!" -Laura Belmont, Seattle, WA. Here's a photo of adorable Lance on the right. Isn't he just the best?

Gage kitty

I have taken your advice, I’ve made adjustments. Within a week of your reading and guidance, I have seen a turn in Gage's behavior, re: the marking in my home and his body language. It was very obvious the morning you connected with him that he was lighter and happier that morning. The coolest confirmation was I didn't even know that you had connected with him until much later that day. There were so many “WOW” connections that you made; there would be no way you would know this information. You have a true gift, Lizzy. I'm so very grateful for your time and energy in helping me learn some tools to achieve peace and calm in my home, bridge the communication with my babies, help me understand all of these precious energies in my house, and help me make them all vibrate together. Thank you! XxOo -Tracy S. Prescott, AZ

Sweet Gage kitty is here on the left. What a boy!